Awesome environment for anyone with a love of combat sports. Very welcoming and accommodating place for people of all skill levels. If you do nothing else in the bloom area CHECK THIS PLACE out!!

Nick T. Pennsylvania

was great very nice place people were great very knowledgeable and helpful. big thank you to all the guys for having in there group was a great experience hopefully I'll be back again soon.

Brian K. Pennsylvania

Hey Joel, I wanted to thank you for being a good influence in my life while at college. Oddly enough you and BloomMMA taught me a lot, inside and outside of fighting. So thank you, those first two years of college would have been not nearly as fun with you guys.

Andy R. California

I had to tell you today was my first day back sparring with the fight team since I tore my meniscus and everyone asks where I first started out an when I say at Bloom they are shocked and impressed. I feel like I never got to thank you an the guys for everything you made me a more confident person. I really appreciate it. ( I know you aren't into sappy shit so I tried to keep it short) hope your all Doing well!

Vicki Z. New Jersey

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